Tactical Training

Agoge Tactical Training (ATT)


We offer multiple options for private individual, small group, and corporate training. Learn basic and advanced handgun, shotgun and long gun from certified instructors. Our team brings decades of military and law enforcement experience in addition to extensive experience working with shooters of all levels.  Agoge Tactical Instructors specialize in individual and small unit tactics.  You will learn to deploy your weapon in realistic conditions and stay accurate with an elevated heart rate.

Emergency Planning

Agoge offers on site and off-site training for business, private education, and industry across the region. We work with your team to develop and implement plans for disaster, active shooter, and emergency response.  We will bring a team to the table with years of industry experience to develop action plans and manage and run drills with your staff.  All planning and training activities are led by a Certified Emergency Management Director.

Police Training

Our team offers POST Certified instructors in firearms, defensive tactics, SWAT and Trauma Response. All of our trainers have years of field experience.  Agoge Tactical Training can offer high quality instruction from a full team at a lower cost than typical in-house training.  Allowing you to put your resources on the street while receiving a higher level of instruction.



Anti-Bullying Program

Anti-Bullying Program

Bullies prey on the weak. They feel weak themselves so they pick on others to feel strong. We are here to provide children with confidence and the ability to stand up for themselves if necessary. By empowering your child with practical self-defense, fitness and increased confidence, we help them feel powerful!

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